Uhane - Adopted June 1998


`Uhane was a very shy girl who was turned her over to rescue because a neighbor at her family’s new condominium kept poisoning her.  At first `Uhane disliked car rides, especially to new places.  She now loves going everywhere and if she hears car keys she will bounce down the hall barking and press her nose against the garage doors to make sure she is first in the car. 

We never realized what a snuggle bunny a Keeshond could be. `Uhane will put herself to bed at the same time every night and then demand that someone come upstairs to be with her. 


She claims the middle of the bed as her place and always manages to find room there even if it involves climbing on top of someone and even sitting on them to get it.  `Uhane is a very sharing Kees; she will let people sit on her couch as long as she gets petted and often cries for someone to sit with her.   


`Uhane loves her babies (stuffed animals) and will play with them for hours.  When she is done playing with her favorite ones, she will put them up on her couch or table to keep them safe except for the kitty – she feels it belongs outside.  She no longer runs out of room when her babies squeak, she will now talk back to them.  When we throw her toys in the air for her to catch she often uses her front paws instead of her mouth to catch them.   

`Uhane has a very sweet and gentle personality and spends lots of time close to her family.


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