Summer - Adopted – 08/2001
Taylor – Adopted -11/2001


Summer (at left) and Taylor were made for each other.  They play together, eat together, and of course, get into mischief together.  Summer likes a variety of toys and games such as pull-toys and Frisbees, while Taylor prefers a simple tennis ball.  Summer loves to play basketball with us while Taylor sits on the sidelines and watches. 

However, they do run and chase and tussle together like the good playmates they are.  Summer’s nose is just the right height to lift the lid to the trash can container and Taylor runs interference by trying to distract us; meanwhile Summer is dumpster diving for delicious treasures!  Although there is an “armed truce” with Eve and Meggan (the cats), Taylor seems to have become somewhat protective of them, running interference between Summer and her “fast, furry toys”.  He puts himself between Summer and the cats and barks until she leaves.  I think he thinks they’re his cats!




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