Smokey - Adopted May 1999


Hey everyone.  My name is Smokey Doodle Baker.  I am a big smiley boy.  I live in the High desert with my companion Keeshond Kayla and my humans.  I like to have my paws rubbed and my ears scratched.  If Kayla allows it, I get bunches of rubs because I put myself in the middle of my humans, but I give them all the nips and kisses. I am great at playing “catch treats”.  Toss one, I’ll show you.  I am from Susan McCoy’s, Southern California Keeshond Rescue and am very happy that I found my forever family.

It is a joy and a pleasure to have them as our children.  We Love it that we will never have any of them beg for the car keys (even though they have figured out how to get in the front drivers seat when we step out of the vehicle - they think they can drive) or go off to college and get married.. No not these guys, all they want is a nice ride in the petsled and a few treats now an then along with some nice rubs.  Thanks to you and the Southern CA Keeshond Rescue we have the family that we wanted and enjoy daily....

Well that is our update at this time.  More to come as the travels take place.  If you need us for anything, please don't hesitate to contact us and you know we will do what we can. 

Always for the Kees,

The Baker Bunch (Ridgecrest CA)


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