Mariah - Rescued October 1998 ~ Adopted January 1999

        We first met Mariah at a shelter and we had to coax her out of the back part of the kennel so we could see her.  She barked once at us to let us know she didn’t want to be there and we promised her that we would come back to for her. Mariah was one of the many dogs that would not be available for adoption to the public and could only be helped by a rescue group. 

Mariah has an outgoing personality and likes to show off when people are watching her and she is always doing something that makes us laugh.  She loves to run around the house whining.  Mariah loves water and gets so excited at the pool or beach and has been known to make strange sounds that sound seal like.  Her favorite thing is to be on a pool float and demand to be splashed. 


Another passion of Mariah’s is balls.  She loves tennis balls and will sit several feet away to play a game of catch and very good at bouncing the ball back with her nose or will catching one, and flinging her head before dropping the ball so the ball bounces back to us.  


Mariah is skilled at both opening and closing doors.  If someone goes out the sliding door without her, she has been known to lock the door in protest.  She also figured out if she presses the “treat closet” door with her nose it usually pens and if it doesn’t, she will slide her paws under the door to pull it open.  Once the door is open she can see & smell her treats, she will then tell us that she would like a treat.  Life with Mariah is never dull!



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