Domino - Adopted November 2002


Hi my name is Domino.  I’m one year old and 100% Keeshond.  I love water, mischief, good food, and not necessarily in that order.  I go to work with my dad every day and I have a great sister to keep me company, to smell, and to sometimes aggravate.  My life is one big bag of surprises, from “squeaks”, to lots of “eats”, to walks and talks, and lots of hugs from mom.  I am very well cared for. 


Because of Keeshond Rescue, I am here and able to enjoy the “bones of life”

Thanks for the “Treat of a Lifetime!”



** New Update January 2004

Hi Susan! This is my 1st time to checkout your new site and it is a
gem! But I want to say, "thanks again" for the chance at getting "Mr. D"
It's a bit shorter than "Domino" but he does answer to both however, I cheat. I have a
treat for him for whatever name he answers too! He can't lose. He has
become a real terror! Chewing all he can get his teeth into but giving "Z" and
I lots of affection to cover his bases. Loki and him love going to work
each day just the same way "Bear" or "Mr. B" would accompany me to work
and then take their nap until noon, a small walk and then LUNCH.
Another nap, chew a few plastic bones for the teeth and then, another
walk. Time for dinner yet? Almost. Domino has taken all the moves
from all the dogs we have had in the past. Playing like Bear on the
steps, growling at strangers like Sebastian, herding like Maui and last
but not least, making sure the household is secure before sleep and
always on the hunt to guard or growl. What a wonderful little guy you
have given us and I wanted to say, Thanks again! Don & "Z" Klein.:)


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