Chelsea - Adopted July, 2002


Well, Chelsea is now “Princess Chelsea”.  We love her so dearly and are grateful each day that we were lucky enough to be selected to adopt her.  She no longer sleeps in her crate.  Joe used to work the graveyard shift, so for the first two months we had Chelsea, all the girls and I would go to sleep in our separate rooms, including Chelsea in her crate (in the kitchen).  We’d say “go to your crate” and she would go right to it. 

When Joe switched to days and Chelsea saw that he was home and actually was sharing the bed with me she started barking and crying when we put her to bed in her crate for the night.  Of course I couldn’t stand it so I just had to let her out, but told her that she had to sleep in her bed (one we purchased for her to sleep in upstairs).  She listened and spent the entire night there (of course I checked every few hours) and has been sleeping on her upstairs bed ever since.  She doesn’t get off her pillow bed until we wake up.  During the day while we are gone, Chelsea’s favorite place to sit is on our bed to look out the window watching birds, people, cars, etc.  She has been so well behaved.  I am sure that she sits on the bed the entire time we are gone for the day.  Chelsea loves her tummy rubs.  When she rolls on her back to get rubbed, she stretches out her front paws. 

Well – have to go and give out hugs and tummy rubs.  Just wanted to bring you up to date and let you know how much happiness Chelsea brings to all of us! 


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