Bo - Rescued: 1995 ~ Rainbow Bridge: 2001


Bo was rescued when he was four years old from Camarillo Animal Shelter in June of 1995 after being turned in by his military owner who relocated to another base.  He was originally owned by another military owner who relocated to Hawaii and gave him to this military family.  The former owner said Bo loved children, detested cats, and was insecure around other dogs because he had been attacked when he was chained in his yard at the military base.  I was determined to find a perfect forever home for this handsome full-coated boy with baggage from his past.  It was love at first sight for us.  Many families wanted to adopt him but his baggage caused me to decline his placement as I sought his perfect home.  Over time, I realized that Bo had found his forever home with me when he arrived in rescue.

We were inseparable.  I was operating the grooming salon at a pet hotel and worked seven days a week for the next few years.  Bo went to work with me every day with glee and was happy to oversee the other rescue Keeshonds that were boarding in my grooming area.  He was a devoted companion, always smiling with his engaging grin, enjoying our long workdays together; in addition to greeting prospective families that came to the pet hotel to meet the rescue Keeshonds.  He was a beautiful boy who loved to serve as my rescue ambassador; grinning when he knew he made me laugh or when he was in the spotlight.  Bo taught new rescues our routine and was clearly the leader of rescues at my home or at the pet hotel.  I discovered when I traced his AKC number that he had champions in his background, but I always had known he was delightful and gorgeous in my eyes.  Knowing his journey had begun and then ended up in the high kill shelter intensified my attachment to him.  Bo was always healthy and bouncing, so pleased with his role as ambassador.  Many rescues passed through our rescue program in the six years he was in charge of the rescue fuzzies in my care. 

Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all.
If you can only remember me with tears, then donít remember me at all


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