Bear adopted in the late 1980ís.
Speedy adopted 01/2000
Hannah adopted 04/2003


Bear was adopted from Susan McCoy in the late nineteen eighties by Mort, Jean, ad Jack Berenstein in Thousand Oaks.  He was the King of the house and he was a wonderful and loving companion.  In 1991 Jack got engaged to Melissa and moved down the street.

Jack and Melissa visited Bear daily.  Jack and Melissa married in 1992 and Jean passed away in April of 1993 from cancer. Bear was beyond devastated. He never left her bedside during her illness. He was always worried about her. Mort suffered a major stroke in November of 1994 and had to go to a nursing home. Bear was so sad and lonely. Jack and Melissa had bought an adorable Keeshond named Zackery in 1993.  They made the decision to rescue bear and remind him that he still had lots of life left in him.  Jack and Melissa welcomed a daughter named Miranda in August of 1997. Bear and Zackery were the best of buddies.  They had a wonderful life together until bear passed away in May of 1999.  Zackery was adjusted to being the only dog once again but always seemed to miss his Bear Bear. 

Then in January of 2000 Jack and Melissa got the call from Susan about a Kees in long beach that was in need of rescue.  His owner had died and speedy was left in care of a neighbor.  So out to long beach with Zackery we went to meet Mr. Speedy.  Speedy and Zack got along great and both dogs loved Miranda so the decision was made to bring speedy home.  In April of 2002 Zackery died of cancer.  He was only nine years old.  Jack, Melissa, and Miranda were so said to have lost the dog they had since he was a puppy.  Miranda felt it was necessary to get a new dog but speedy was adjusting well to being the only dog.  In April of 2003 Melissa took speedy to Susanís house for his grooming.  There she and Miranda met Hannah and completely fell in love with her.  She is a complete and total love dog. When Melissa told Jack the story of Hannah, they decided it was time for a new addition to the family.  Hannah will be three on May 17th and speedy will be six on May 15th.

We feel so blessed to have been able to rescue these three wonderful Keeshonds.  They have added too much to our lives.  They are loyal and constant companions and are wonderful family pets.  We are thankful to Susan for all the work that she does to make it possible to find such incredible dogs.


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