Barney was rescued 8/12/2002 from a private party in Fullerton.
Jonny was adopted 11/16/1999 from Humane Society in San Diego.
Jaffee was adopted 09/09/2000 from the Devore Shelter.


Barney, Jonny, and Jaffee are three rescues that have all lived together at some point in time or another. They are all so different in so many categories: 



1. Eating – Anything will do

2. Car Rides – Can we stop by In & Out?

3. Bananas – Oh yeah, sounds great!

4. Bed Time – Oh boy, my very own bed

5. Kisses – Oh yeah, does a snack come with it?


1. Eating – Chicken Please

2. Car Rides – With a little chicken please…

3. Bananas – No, Chicken please.

4. Bed Time – Oh boy, the big bed upstairs

5. Kisses – Only one, thanks




1. Eating – Dog food for me

2. Car Rides – Oh boy, to the park!

3. Bananas – Is it organic?

4. Bed Time – Floor is fine

5. Kisses – Is this required?


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