ALICE - Adopted April 2001


Itís been nearly a year since we found our Alice under a train station platform.  Holy smokes, is she the smartest dog ever!  It has taken very little training to get her house broken and obedient.  She thrives on attention and gets plenty of it from us and the kids in our neighborhood.  The children just adore.  She has become one of the family and is quite protective of us all.










According to the vet, she is about a year old now.  It is hard to believe how much a puppy can learn in such a short time.  Her favorite thing to do is play hide and go seek with Edwin.  They are pals.  She sticks to his side like glue.


Thank you so much for letting us have her.  She has brought us an incredible amount of joy.  When the time comes, we want another just like her.  She is truly a rare find.

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